the b&g proposal, part 1

at my brother's wedding on August 3rd

so we went camping with a bunch of greg's cousins (and uncle). there's nothing like getting together a bunch of single, childless 30-somethings for a long weekend in nature. lots of day drinking, lots of late nights around the bonfire, beautiful views, an uncomfortably friendly skunk, lots of drinking, and lots of being shushed by the park rangers. well one didn't even shhh us, he was a total stoner dude who, without saying a single word, did the "lower your volume" signal thing with his hand, but then there was another who preemptively asked us to keep quiet that night. to our defense we weren't really being that loud, but there is a cousin who feels the need to fill any type of noise vacuum, either way it was a good time.

so greg and i go out for a beautiful kayak paddle around the island we're staying on and its a gorgeous, gorgeous summer day. he's in and out of coves and all over the place. i'm just paddling along, drinking my coconut rum and iced tea out of my disposable coffee cup. (yes i was accused of being a 16 yr old girl quite a few times that weekend, but i didn't feel the need to be drinking whiskey all day and all night for 4 days in a row). we're just chit-chating and hes being lovey dovey(i think we even attempted a cross-kayak kiss), anaaaannnnd then we paddled back for lunch.
not greg and i, but i recognize the kayak/paddle combo......i can't really tell who though

later that evening he says we should go for a sunrise kayak the next morning, but continues to let me refill my coffee cup, over and over again. i'm having such a good night that i think its fun-times to hop on the wimpy air mattress and bounce greg off the other side. until he does it. and i almost go flying out the extra door that hooks up to my jeepy, that i for some reason thought was a window and had unzipped. but i digress.

so the next morning the alarm on his watch goes off and i'm super annoyed. i've long forgotten about the sunrise kayak idea. i'm annoyed because the sun isn't up yet. i'm annoyed because i'm hungover. in hindsight, i'm surprised he didn't pester me much more, but he knows how stubborn i am and knows to choose his battles. so i roll over and he goes out to see the sun come up. alone.

stay tuned for part 2....

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