love, love, love: iphone cases

i'm not a particularly clumsy person, but there is a reason i'm picky about my phone cases:

that case is only supposed to come apart in 2 pieces, and not have a chunk missing near the power button  :/ if used cutesie 1 piece, snap on cases, i would be a few new screen replacements in.  there's a fine line between protection and super-duper-protector case, but either way, its so much cheaper and easier to replace a broken case.  so now that i've destroyed my 2month old case, its time to find a new one...

 two piece sliders:
1. i am totally in love with wooden cases
2. a blue-ish purple version of the shimmery pink one i have
3. this Isaac Mizrahi makes me swoon

1 piece flexible:
4. i've been on a watercolor flower kick lately
5. soft and stuble
6. bold and bright

i ended up ordering a shimmery gold one, like #2. ps, don't make fun of my iphone 4s, it was half the price of a new 5s ;) but it is getting harder to find cases {booo}

product photos via their respective sites


february's mexican adventure

we may be in the home stretch of april, but last week old man winter just wouldn't go away.  with temps back in the 30's and snow on the ground again {ugh} all i could think of was my butt in the sand with a drink in my hand.....oh mexico, how i miss you....

no one bothered the cute girl laying all alone in the un-reserved cabana....until some goofy greek kid sat down next to her......thanks greg
started every day with yummy fresh fruit, nuts and coconut shreds {the gf bread tasted like sand}, but i'm pretty sure i ate my weight in guacamole and ceviche, so no worries :)
beach volleyball in the mornings, and pool volleyball in the afternoons
we went swimming with dolphins and all i got was this lousy bracelet... {just kidding! greg told me i couldn't take one home :( }
a crazy mexican cover band that {hilariously} played *highway to hell,* *save a horse,* *honkey-tonk woman,* and so many other mangled spanglish rock songs
zip-lining through the jungle, *superman style*
a gorgeous sunset ocean cruise
the irony of being sunburnt in a bikini {that doesn't make you look like a 12 year old up top...yay!} and your winter coat hanging in the closet
the all-in-one hospital/casino, right across the street
and the nightly view from our balcony
looking back at these pictures helps me forget the chaos we came home to. thanks again to greg's parents, it was an awesome trip!

zip-line photo courtesy of nuevo vallarta tours


hey ryan gosling, how's the 2014 boston marathon?

how do you make lots of girls (and a few boys too) smile at mile 19 of the 2014 boston marathon?
Mile 19 stats: Ten thousand Boston Strong signs, one Ryan Gosling poster 

just make a poster with Ryan Gosling's face on it
throw out some free high-fives
and stand there all day yelling & cheering!! woohooo, this is my favorite way to spend patriots day!!

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