my view: june 2014

beets and broccoli are yummy // leaning tower of dishes.... // i was told if i could catch him, i could keep him // monkeys in the trees // i loved it so much, i accidentally bought it twice, oops // oh so pretty for a few days // stitchin bow ties, have you checked them out yet?!?!? remember, you can use the coupon geekischic for free shipping!


geek is chic


whether you're nerdin' out, a suave bad-ass, or up to some after party shenanigans, you can't go wrong with a fancy-pants bow tie. they're great for everyday at the office, lookin your sunday best, or the swankiest of events. but don't worry, you're not going to find any boring and blah ones here....

you can choose self-tie or pre-tied, either way, these handmade bow ties are gonna make you look good. head on over to and order one for your next occasion {or every day of the week!}

ps, use the code geekischic for free US shipping, wooohooo!


thinking: june 2014

wearing: sundresses, yay!

watching: scrubs, for the 10th time

reading: trashy beach books {no judgie!}

hearing: the hum of a/c units all around

seeing: my momma in 2 weeks {watch out Nifs!}

enjoying: the lull of appointments at my day job

spending: time in the back yard, maintaining my tan

missing: pizza :(

snacking: on coconut toasted almonds #obsessed

struggling: with pushing past 5 minute running intervals

stitching: bow ties!! {go check 'em out, pretty please}


nope, its not quinoa or oats for breakfast....

after even more trial and error, i've discovered my tummy doesn't like oats {even gf ones} and quinoa is pretty blah {ugh}. so i dug though my magical cupboard of random weird foods, and i figured i'd give millet a go. which turned out to be an excellent decision {yay me!} i have stumbled upon my new fave gluten-free, dairy-free, quick and easy breakfast.

just boil 2C of water in a medium sauce pan, add 1C millet, and simmer for 15-20 minutes. fluff with a fork, and you've got yourself four servings, super easy. i whip up a batch weekly and store it in the fridge, that way its ready to go in the am, no fuss.

you can dress it up just like oatmeal, whatever tickles your fancy. no shame in the tradtional brown sugar or cinnamon apple.  i'm a huge fan of blueberries, walnuts and brown sugar, or if i'm feeling froggy, i'll do peanut butter, jelly and bananas. if i'm feeling extra froggy, i'll add a scoop of Trader (Joe)Darwin's vanilla soy protein powder. i always add some rice milk to make it creamy.

greg, on the other hand prefers savory over sweet. so he gets spinach, chopped turkey sausage, sriracha, a fried egg, salt, pepper, and some cheese {lucky jerk}.

you can usually find millet with the hippy{health} food, gluten-free baking stuff, or somewhere in the rice/quinoa/grain aisle. it's a great alternative to oats, way more hearty than quinoa, and pretty inexpensive too.


hello june 2014

oh it never fails, the longer days and perky sunshine get me super motivated, but then reality kicks in and i've bitten off way more than i can chew. last month was semi-disappointing, boo. my brain was working way faster than my poor body could keep up. so this month there's gonna be a few do-overs:
> the first two weeks of last month i spent a half day at the library and wrote my posts for the upcoming week. it felt awesome, super-duper awesome, to have it all wrapped up and taken care of. then greg was out of town, and i figured with the house being quiet, i'd be able to just get it done at home. haha, nope. sh*t got haphazard. in the back of my head i was super stressed, and i couldn't focus and so i sat, like a lump, on the couch instead. update: so you can totally tell when this didn't happen and i went for 2 whole weeks of no posts, whoops. it did work well when actually implemented though... :/

> if we go waaayyy back to last summer, this was a pretty popular goal for me. but running in the AM and walking to work multiple times in a week was just too much. so 1.5 times a week should be do-able. update: we ended the month with 7 bike rides, woohooo!

> re-do from last month, see couch-blob above. update: i went on a bit of a caffeine fueled cleaning binge, and donated a ton of clothes and other stuff. mission accomplished.

> week 5 day 1 and its running for 5 minutes at a time kinda kicked my butt, w5d2's running for 8 minutes at a time, knocked me flat on my ass....then i just laughed at w5d3's run for 20 minutes straight. ha, no way. so i've gone back to the 8 minute segments and by the end of this week i should be able to *comfortably* {aka still be able to breath and not want to die} finish those and continue on as regularly scheduled. {fingers crossed} either way, you can follow along here. update: meh. i'm back to running 5 minutes at a time, and i've paid attention enough to realize it's my legs pooping out before my lungs. so i've added in a weekly hill run, and riding my bike to work should help make 'em stronger too.

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