off my butt: couch to 5k - I run like the wind... OK, more like a breeze right now... But, I STILL RUN!!!
so i joke {quite often} that if you want to run with me, be prepared to walk. a lot. which, lately, is pretty true. don't want to be a fast runner, nor a long distance runner, i just like to get outside and force some fresh {city} air into my lungs.

even though i'm getting out there pretty regularly now, the run/walk progress is pretty low and i'm not really pushing myself {mostly i'm too lazy to increase the intervals on my watch}. so, instead of using precious brain power to figure out what my run should be, i've given in to the c25k program.

to make it even easier on myself, i've downloaded an awesome app on my phone.  it does all of the math, the counting, and the buzzing all on its own. so now, all i have to do is lace up, turn on my crazy podcasts and go, wooohooo!

sunday i finished week 3 day 1, so {fingers crossed} by mid june, i should be able to cover 3 {turtle-slow} miles, non-stop. so follow along, cheer me on, start your own, do whatever you want, just get off your butt :)

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