bang! bang!

i've been kicking this blog idea around for quite some time. i need to write more. i need to document things more. i need to get ideas out of my head and into the real world. the trouble is... i'm a perfectionist. i plan and research and over think things, but i rarely ever pull the trigger actually DO them. well, within a reasonable amount of time anyways. and the thing that has been tripping me up the most....what will this blog thing be about?

i sew. a lot of different things. i've made and will make more: quilts, tote bags, throw pillows, sundresses, prom dresses, corsets, renaissance faire gowns, and just about everything in between. but that seemed like a pretty large range to cover in the same place and not confuse the hell out of people.

i run. not a hard-core-running-is-my-life, but more of a go-get-lost-in-the-woods-for-a-few-miles kind of girl. i max out around 20 miles a week, and that's mainly to keep my consumption of cupcakes and beers in check. but not enough to write about on a regular basis.

i cook. not extravagantly unusual things, but i like to make things up as i go, using the recipe as a *guideline.* i also manage to some how double the veggie content of each dish; even recipes that don't traditionally include them (this is one of the main reasons greg thinks i will be a good mom. i'm not sure if he's aware that i also plan on letting the kids play in mud then spraying them down with the garden, we'll see). but i find food blogs boring, pretty pictures and all.

i'm kind of a hippy. i like to upcycle, recycle, diy and try to figure out too many things on my own. i have a hard time finding things that match the particulars in my head. and when it comes to design, usually things that i like are also expensive. i could probably keep busy enough with this one, but no one needs to hear me tout the wonders of vinegar and the versatility of hot glue every other blog post.

yikes! this has become a pretty long winded post. i could've just said *hi, my names britney and this is my blog,* but to sum it up, i'm going to cover the crazy things i make, the adventures i go on, the opinions i have and what ever else i feel like. mmmmk? hold on to your horses, there's gonna be a lot of adventures&nonsense.

p.s. what would you write about?
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