what do i listen to?

well that just depends on what i'm doing. or how i'm feeling. or where i am. and even then, who knows what's already stuck in my head.... but lately here are my fav sources of audio entertainment:

Dave & Chuck the Freak~ an awesome morning show from detroit that i've been listening to for YEARS now. they mix 13 year old boy humor with weird internet findings and no person or topic is safe. it's semi-embarrassing to admit that i am a huge fan. caution though, they may be technically radio friendly, but probably not appropriate for work, or your grandma....

Freakonomics Radio~ data mixed with pop culture. they talk about anything from business and crime to economics and competitive eating. covering what they like to call *the hidden side of everything.* not as nerdy as it seems, and super interesting.

After the Jump~ grace bonney from the ever-so-famous {in the blog world} design*sponge talks with {and about} artists, designers, makers, and all sorts of other stuff in the creative community. i've developed quite the pavlovian response to this series.... after the jump=time to go running.

Elise Gets Crafty: she covers lots of small biz and blog stuff. her style is pretty low key and honest, and her blog is awesome. huge fan of this gal, i just want to be her bfffffff {i promise i'm not a creeper, lol}

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  1. I haven't tried Freakonomics although I love Planet Money, and After the Jump sounds awesome! I just started a podcast this year and seem to also be discovering awesome new ones all the time, I think I could listen to podcasts all day... :)


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