snacking on: italian ice

it's been hot and sweaty and gross here in boston {not that i'm complaining} and to to help quell the cranky beast i become, i've been dipping into some local Richie's Super Premium Italian Ice. and ermahgerd it's delicious. seriously, super amazingly delicious.

the label insists it's healthy {ummm i dunno about that} but it is dairy-free {wooohooo!} and comes in a ton of yummy flavors. done, done, and done. {intiate crazy, goofy happy dance}

i can definitely vouch for the blue vanilla, watermelon, cherry, and banana.  this last grocery trip i picked up mango, strawberry, blue raspberry and coconut cream to try.  i'm sure i won't be disappointed.

the problem is, it's hard to make my handy dandy portion control trick really only works if you limit yourself to ONE rocks-glass per sitting. meh, i guess things could be worse.

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