b&g proposal, part 2

check out part 1 here

so the rest of the day goes on, business as usual. greg's cool-as-a-cucumber, not being nervous, not being overly affectionate, not tipping his hand in any way, shape or form. just the usual goofy greggie. once again, i haven't the slightest clue that he's up to anything.

later that evening, everyone is hanging out around the bonfire and i'm giving his cousin a hard time. i'm razzin him because he's been dating this super awesome girl(that everyone LOVES) for 5 years. and they're still just dating. ugh matt, pull it together and pop the question. i think they're such a good match and i'm getting frustrated that he hasn't proposed yet. all the while i don't know what their plans in general are or if they've talked about it or if they don't even want to get married, blah blah blah, she's awesome, hurry up and ask!

so i'm getting close to being obnoxious and greg says he wants to go for a walk. not unusual, sometimes he gets all lovey dovey and romantic, sometimes he saves me from making an ass of myself. so we walk down to the other campsite, down by the gorgeous moon-lit lake and he starts taking about how much he loves me and wants to be with me. all sentimental and mushy. i don't know if i'm still distracted about harassing matt or if i'm just being totally oblivious.

either way, greg pulls a box out of his pocket. and i just stare at it. like a deer in headlights. staring. he says something else mushy and lovey and i say: 'no way.' a shock and disbelief kind of 'no way.' and i may have started to back up. and kept saying no way. i'm pretty sure somewhere in there he did ask if i would marry him. but i kept saying no way. finally he gently reminds me that i really haven't said yes, technically all i've said is no.
thankfully no *action* shots of the happy dance

so i hurry up and say 'yes, yes, yes' and he shows me the ring. and he puts it on my finger :) then i start to jump around and do my awkwardly flailing happy dance. you know, the one where i punch the air up, down and around while simultaneously kicking and jumping up and down, that one. and yelling 'i get to be a nif, i get to be a nif, i get to be a nif.' so i pull myself together and give greg a big hug and a giant kiss, and then realize one of the cousins has been in his nearby tent, reading a book. so i run over and shove my left hand in his face. and he says congrats and gives me a hug.
a reenactment for everyone

so then we head back over to the other campsite/bonfire and i stand in front of everyone and just start doing my happy dance. no words, just flailing. then i run around and put my left hand in everyone's face. then i snap a picture and send the photo to both his and my parents. who, on a separate note, happen to be meeting each other for the first time ever, unsupervised.
photo we sent to the parents, some caught on faster than others ;)

and now he keeps calling me his beyonce. i'm not sure if its because he *liked it and put a ring on it,* or if he thinks it sounds just as funny as fiancee. either way, i think i'll keep him.


New Girl, season 3 premiere!!!

Hey girl, whatcha doin’? Hey girl, where you goin’? Who’s that girl? Who’s that girl? omg its Zooey Deschanel!!!!
have you heard her voice?
saving the day in Elf:
playing the crazy in Weeds(another fav of mine):
oh and her hair?!?!? love!!
lately i've been watching the first season on a loop, over and over again. while working on stuff. kinda. anyways, netflix tells me it has 49 episodes(lies). scrolling though shows only the first seaons 24 are available and the other 25 didn't come out until season 3 premiered. lame. i tried to catch up with the tivo, but i watched out of order, inadvertently spoiling the/my most anticipated part: things between nick and jess. ugh. i was hoping it would happen, maybe not so quickly though. oh well.

anyways, you can bet your sweet buns i'm gonna be binge watching season 2 for the rest of the week. oh yeah, did i mention she is allergic to gluten and dairy too? and plays the ukulele? greg is so lucky i met him first, because i would totally marry this girl.

p.s. what show(s) do you loop while you work?


september goals-mid month update

so far my goals this month are slightly behind, but i still have some time to catch up:

>i've put in 6.8 miles, meaning i have another 13.2 to cover in 15 days. .88 miles a day. it'll be a challenge, but i've been more consistent about getting off my butt, which is the real challenge.

>so far, so good with the 2 blogs per week. just trying to keep it simple to start. nothing ground breaking, but i've done quite a bit of actual writing. no rants, nonsense posts or all photo posts. yet. i've got lots of ideas and pictures lined up, so i shouldn't peter out any time soon.

>i've gotten rid of some terrible photos/outtakes and old documents, and have done a little research into the best way to back up. i'm not sure if its better to go on a deleting rampage before or after i back up. eh, we'll see.

>so i put off publishing this post so i could get in another walk to work, but then that didn't happen. not to make up a bunch of excuses, but here they come it has either been 85*+ or pouring rain the last two i now have a grand total of 2. yikes! i plan on walking my butt off the rest of the month. i do have a bike, and i would totally count that too, but i'm still too afraid of helmet hair being run over to ride it on the mean streets of Boston.

p.s. how are your september goals coming along?


the b&g proposal, part 1

at my brother's wedding on August 3rd

so we went camping with a bunch of greg's cousins (and uncle). there's nothing like getting together a bunch of single, childless 30-somethings for a long weekend in nature. lots of day drinking, lots of late nights around the bonfire, beautiful views, an uncomfortably friendly skunk, lots of drinking, and lots of being shushed by the park rangers. well one didn't even shhh us, he was a total stoner dude who, without saying a single word, did the "lower your volume" signal thing with his hand, but then there was another who preemptively asked us to keep quiet that night. to our defense we weren't really being that loud, but there is a cousin who feels the need to fill any type of noise vacuum, either way it was a good time.

so greg and i go out for a beautiful kayak paddle around the island we're staying on and its a gorgeous, gorgeous summer day. he's in and out of coves and all over the place. i'm just paddling along, drinking my coconut rum and iced tea out of my disposable coffee cup. (yes i was accused of being a 16 yr old girl quite a few times that weekend, but i didn't feel the need to be drinking whiskey all day and all night for 4 days in a row). we're just chit-chating and hes being lovey dovey(i think we even attempted a cross-kayak kiss), anaaaannnnd then we paddled back for lunch.
not greg and i, but i recognize the kayak/paddle combo......i can't really tell who though

later that evening he says we should go for a sunrise kayak the next morning, but continues to let me refill my coffee cup, over and over again. i'm having such a good night that i think its fun-times to hop on the wimpy air mattress and bounce greg off the other side. until he does it. and i almost go flying out the extra door that hooks up to my jeepy, that i for some reason thought was a window and had unzipped. but i digress.

so the next morning the alarm on his watch goes off and i'm super annoyed. i've long forgotten about the sunrise kayak idea. i'm annoyed because the sun isn't up yet. i'm annoyed because i'm hungover. in hindsight, i'm surprised he didn't pester me much more, but he knows how stubborn i am and knows to choose his battles. so i roll over and he goes out to see the sun come up. alone.

stay tuned for part 2....


Ohhhhh...back to school

back to school
to prove to dad that i'm not a fool
i've got my lunch packed up
my boots tied tight
i hope i dont get in a fight
back to school
back to school
back to school.....
[Billy Maddison]

well its been quite a while since i've gone back to school, and i miss it. strange. i know. either way, i still get excited this time of the year. for so many its full of new starts, new friends and new school supplies. although i have no need for any new binders, notebooks, fancy pens and scented markers, i can't help but scoop them up and want to take them all home. but in the end, i have to limit my addiction myself and abandon most at the register.

even though i don't see any back to school-ing in my future, that won't stop me from living vicariously through others, albeit fictional. so without further ado, here are my top 10 fav back-to-school movies, in no particular order:

warning! some of these are old, some of these are classics,
some of these are terrible, no judgie

Billy Madison- you tug at my heart strings
easy A- the Scarlet Letter lives on
Dazed and Confused- there will always be stoners
The Breakfast Club- teen angst much?
Kindergarten Cop- just because you're a tough guy...
Animal House- frats, yikes!
File:Grease ver2.jpg
Grease- just the original, the sequel is terrible
Ferris Bueller's Day Off- even grown ups play hooky
Never Been Kissed-i wouldn't do a do-over
Teen Wolf- yay! for the underdog(pun totally intended)
now go grab some popcorn and thank your lucky stars you survived school!!
p.s. what's your favorite back to school movie?


it's sangria time!

because i don't see any snow in my backyard yet...summer may be (un)officially over, but doesn't mean we have to stop drinking iced fruity beverages on the patio. one of my fav, easy, go-to, day-drinking options:

you can google your day away looking for sangria recipes, but i usually just whip this together with whatever i happen to have on hand. aka too lazy to leave the house for supplies. i figure you can't really go wrong mixing a bunch of stuff you already have and like....well, its pretty safe booze-wise, proceed with caution anywhere else!

like all of my *recipes,* this is really more of a guideline.
i eyeball things and just make it up as i go.

step 1: gather your supplies

  • some sort of vessel to contain the deliciousness
  • fruit: fresh or frozen, berries, watermelon, peaches, etc.
  • juice: apple, peach, raspberry, grape, etc.
  • wine: all white, all red, or a mix of the two
  • ice: but frozen berries won't dilute your drink :)
  • flavored vodka(if you desire)
i happened to have some fresh and frozen berries, cran-raspberry juice, pinot noir and moscato. i used the pinot noir so it wasn't super duper sweet and made turned the whole thing red. you could do a white version with peaches/grape/apples/honeydew, white grape juice, and moscato and/or white zinfandel.

step 2: mix your supplies

chop up your fruit into bite sized chunks (this will come in handy later), and you want to add your ice now to avoid any splashing issues. i used frozen berries, so no need for extra ice. i usually do 2/3 wine to 1/3 juice, but it depends on how potent you like it. feel free to taste-test as needed. add a few shots of vodka if you're feeling frisky.

step 3: drink your supplies!

and once all of the liquid has been consumed.....move on to the fruit! caution though, it can kick your butt.

p.s. what is your go-to patio drink?


hello September!

>trying to get back in to the swing of things, running-wise.
yes, an easy mileage but it gets me off my butt

>just get in the habit, slow and steady wins the race

>too many important things and too much clutter

>i live 1½ miles from work, no need to drive, quit being lazy


p.s. what are your goals this month?

>so i ended the month with 16.2 miles of running, buuut i also rode my bike to work 4/5 days of the last week so my legs were tired. and i still went running when they felt like rubber. so ha. excuses.

> check +

>nope, the external hard drive slowed me down. i'm still working on buying one.

>8 times, and i blame the heat wave in the begining of the month. but i'm not sure what my excuse is so far this month.....
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