hello October!

well i may not have made as much progress last month as i would've liked, but at least i had my goals written down and staring me in the face, making me feel guilty. which, i think, helped me to get a lot more done. surprisingly i was more focused and pushed harder in the second half of the month instead of just giving up.

so this month there are a few repeats, but that's because they're still a challenge for me:

>last month i used a :30/:30 run/walk ratio, and this month i'm going to do a 1:00/:30 run/walk. the 20 miles will motivate me to get off my butt, and the increased ratio will make me work harder.

>last month 2 blogs per week was successful, so lets up it a little more. i've got my posts pretty well planned out for the month, and only a few are silly things, some are tuts and most have words ;)

>i wasn't very successful with last month's goal of backing up my computer. so this month i've changed gears and start even smaller, clean up and organize alll of my photos. baby steps.

>and then edit and organize them correctly. every week.

>i was soooo close with this last month. so we'll try it again. so far, no so good. it's October 2nd and ive driven to work twice, boooo

ps, what are your goals this month?

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