october goals-mid month update

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>slightly behind with the running, mileage-wise, but i feel like i've turned a corner with the effort this week.   now that it feels easier i need to push harder, especially my *long* runs. i have also been running after work, and getting my butt out there after i'm tired and cranky is hard.  but then i feel better too, wooohooo! ended the month with 22.3 miles and only 2 missed runs, high five me!

>3 blogs/week sounds easy.  3 quality posts/week is pushing it.  i've got a lot of things on my to-do list and i'm trying not to post a bunch of fluf, aka funnies and entertainment. i've also been back dating a lot of posts like this one, booo. so either i need to get it together and post on time, or rethink my goals. update: ended up with 12 posts for this month, missed 3 posts to make my goal

>i've deleted a bunch of outtakes and gathered most of my photos into the same file. update: i got all of my photos into my picassa/google acct and deleted the crappy ones.

> now that i have my new iPhone it's easier to take more photos.  my back up phone had a terrible camera, and it was a bit of a pain using my work phone and greg's THEN getting the pics to my computer. excuses

>slightly behind but still on track for this one.  lots of meetings at work this week, so more driving than i would like.  but i'll just have to push harder. i didn't make it last month, i can't fall short two months in a row. update: only walked 7 times, ugh.

ps, how are your october goals coming?

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