my favorite running season!

the smell of fresh cut grass AND the crunch of fallen leaves....oh running in the fall. AND i'm not a sweaty mess either, love, love, love!

one problem year round though, is getting my gps watch to connect. usually i start it up as i'm leaving the house and sometimes it's connected by the time i'm done warming up.... sometimes i end up standing on the corner, waiving my arm in the air, looking like a goober. so here are some handy-dandy tips to get you connected a lil easier.

i'm sure living in a crowded area and riiight next to a super busy highway (hello Massachusetts Turnpike) have something to do with it. hint, hint, i'm ready to move out of the city so i can wander the woods again ;) oh nature, how i miss you!

but on a side note, as i was swapping out my summer running stuff for the winter :( i had a bit of a realization.....
most of my running t-shirts consist of either booze or makeup related things....hummmm, about that...

ps, what's your favorite thing to do in the fall?

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