well hello 2014! - My New Year's resolution is to write '2014' instead of '2013'.

first things first, let's not get ahead of ourselves...i know that it will be mid-march until i don't have to think about what year it is....i always consider this as challenge #1 of the new year {it's a good thing i don't have to write checks too often....}. so, i might as well add a few more to keep me busy for the rest of the year. {ha}

ive decided to focus on 3 large-scale things this year: one thing to be productive, one thing for me, and one thing for others{nice and vague, right?!?!?}. i've broken them down into monthly bits so i can keep track.  that will make it more of a monthly challenge, rather than a mid-year surrender {i hope :/ }.

every month i want to:

1. deep clean & organize one thing/space
i'm such a homebody, but the one thing that stresses me out is clutter. even if i'm too lazy to deal with the giant pile of junk mail, it will still drive me nuts from the corner of my eye. and when we move again, i don't want to box up and lug around stuff i don't even need or want anymore.

2. stitch something for me
i have a long list of stuff i want to stitch for myself. some practical {finally hem my jeans} and some frilly {more party dresses!} some easy {iPad case} and some a little longer {up-cycled picnic quilt}. part of this goal is to use up some of my stash. i've been hording pretty fabric for far tooooo long.

3. send fun mail
i'm not a huge fan of talking on the phone, but i do need to do a better job of keeping in touch with my lovies. so for those i don't see or talk to semi-regularly, expect 12 bits of fun this year.  feel free to reply, but don't feel obligated.  and if you want to join in, drop me a note. we all need something besides bills in our mail boxes.

i've got ideas already listed out for my cleaning & stitchin goals, and birthday cards picked out. they may change as the year goes on, but at least i've got somewhere to start.

happy new year!!!!

ps, what are your resolutions for this year? leave a comment!

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  1. So for #3, what are you thinking exactly? like be penpals?! that would be fun:) Nice to "meet" you. I call my readers Lovey too:)

    1. hi Nay! nice to *meet* you too! not pen-pals, per se, but quick notes or funny cards, something i think the other person would enjoy or get a chuckle from. i know when someone takes the time to hand write a note to me, it brightens my day!

  2. Bahaha that someecard is so true!
    #3 is a great goal! I haaate talking on the phone, ugh, (Except to my Momma!!) I am such a texter, but sending more snail mail love notes to friends far away is such a wonderful idea. I will aim to adopt that as a goal this year. Thank You!


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