hello january


i would call last month's goals mostly a success, but after a few months of not making my off my lazy butt workout goals, i've decided to put those on the back burner for now. otherwise this month:
  • the first 2 are part of my new years no need to start slacking yet. UPDATE: check-mark for the coat closet being totally purged and reworked, but so far i've only done half of what i wanted to do with my sweater.  although, with my type-a/everything has to be planned/and measured/and perfect, i consider just cutting into it to have been a major accomplishment.
  • i plan on designing our wedding invites and hopefully addressing the envelopes as well, so i should probably learn how to work a calligraphy pen thingy.. UPDATE: this one was completed in the 11th hour. like the evening of january 31st, squished between the day job and a flight to north carolina for a bridal shower.
  • ugh, using the lame *stock* twitter, pintrest and instagram buttons, ugh, lame. i know my way around adobe illustrator and html well enough to make something fancier. UPDATE: wooohooo, this one was finished pretty early, AND i added an adventures&nonsense facebook page, go check it out, if you *like* it, ill <3 you forever.....
ps, what are your goals this month? leave a comment!

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