snow day = crazy, ethnic grocery store adventures

our biweekly grocery trip regularly takes us to the other side of boston, where we are the american-born, white, and monolingual minority.  we have no qualms about taking home some of the *non-traditional* things we stumble across here. usually, we're trying to call each others bluff, but no one gives in, and we try it anyway.  that's how we end up eating frog legs, giant canned sardines, and a regular fave, squid stir-fry.

so after a leisurely brunch at the vegan-friendly, super hipster, allston diner, we wandered across the street to the crazy russian grocery store. i had been to this store before, but greg hadn't, and oh boy, did he get excited. 

a lovely selection of eastern european beverages, but this shelf reminded me of my grammy....

so many pickled things.....
and freshly pickled things
even marmite {you know, like vegamite}

back in september, greg was looking for a local place to find some yummy german sausage for oktoberfest. too bad he didn't know about the selection at this place. even sausage shaped like a piggie, with ears and all!

after your pickled and sausaged dinner, treat yourself to some.....
mmmmmm, ice cake! while we were out and about, we figured we'd stop at the asian place just down the street.

chicken feet anyone? even the package says to *spice up your life!*

or maybe fruit flavored pork jerky, if that's more your style.....

don't confuse your peanut oil with your laundry detergent.....
whirlpools of lobster......

peanut soup with milk, anyone? it has a spoon built into the lid, great for on the go!

alas, we came home with some pretty tame stuff. but, of course i had to have chopsticks with ducks on them, who could say no?

and i finally picked up some loose-leaf tea for MR TEA!!!!

we're not gonna talk about how i think he needs a mohawk, or the fact that i keep calling him mr pee-pants...... :/

how's your winter going? leave a comment!

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