the word: 2014

elise turned me on to alie's one little word concept, and i'm ready to jump in with my own.  this year i want to focus on:
along with patience comes:

practice: just because i can do it perfectly in my head, doesn't mean it will happen that way the first time in the real world

being present: i'm always thinking and planning ahead and that distracts me from what's happeningin the here and now

enjoying the moment: all of that thinking and planning stress me out about what i'm currently doing {or what i think i should be doing :/ }

slowing down: when i start planning and planning and planning, i'm like a run-away train with the over-planning, which just leads to unrealistic expectations and stress

ps, what word do you want to focus on this year? leave a comment!

1 comment :

  1. I put two together this year:) Brave Enough...
    Patience is a good word - a word full of power


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