coat closet, shmoat closet...

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as part of my new years resolution, this month i decided to tackle the front coat closet. the poor thing has been neglected since we moved in a year and a half ago.  here is what we started with......

i don't think it ever housed things that we actually used on a daily basis.  mostly just greg's hat collection and things to donate.

the closet isn't deep enough for hangers to hang properly, they just get squished sideways. which is annoying. so we installed some more hooks in the back, to hang the coats greg doesn't wear, but won't get rid of.....

even better are the hooks we put on the door.
the center of the closet door was too thin to hang the rack directly on it, so a leftover piece of 1x4 anchored the hooks perfectly.

scarves hang behind the coats, boots reside on the floor comfortably,

and hats and mittens go on the shelf above. along with the car wash stuff.

overall, it looks good and works well.

now to donate all of the stuff i took out.....

how are your goals going this month? leave a comment!

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