diy: a super easy way to shorten your pants {and keep the original hem!!}

this weekend i managed to carve 15 minutes out of my super busy schedule.....of laying on the couch :/ shorten my jeans {finally}. it's super easy to do, so here we go.....

step 1: put on your pants and appropriate footwear

i usually wear these pants with flats or flip flops, so barefoot was fine.  if you are going to wear heels, put those on.

step 2: fold 'em up to the desired length

make sure you pin it in place before you take your pants off {hehehe} but be careful not to poke yourself {too many times} in the process.

step 3: measure
measure between your fold edge and the original hem.  then divide by 2.  so my measurement of 4" was divided in half to give me 2".

step 4: remeasure, pin, and stitch
adjust your fold for your new measurement. make sure you measure between your fold edge and the original hem. pin it in place and stitch right next to the original hem. a zipper foot helps.

step 5: turn it right side out and press
if you follow the pink *stitches* on the right side, you can kinda see the seam. press the extra fabric up the leg, and try your pants on. make sure you like the length, because now is the time to re-do if you don't.

step 6: tack or trim
my excess fabric is only 2", so i just hand tacked it up the leg, in the side seams.  if you have even more excess, you can trim it down and zig-zag the raw edge.

step 7: ta da!
boom! you can't even tell ;)

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  1. Wow, that is cool. Never thought of that. I will have to try it! Thanks Britney!


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