hello march 2014

whoops, well hello there....apparently i needed a vacation after my vacation....too much sun and too many fruity rum drinks can kick a girls butt....anyways. i may not have been 100% on last months goals, but here's what i'm working on this month:

> i get home from work relatively early, usually 4:30 or so, then i tell myself i'm just gonna watch a little bit of tv, then work on something til greg gets home....ha, yea right! what really happens is i get sucked into the black-hole of netflix, and it's game over. so, if i just ban tv all together til dinner is done, i stand a much better chance of actually accomplishing something during the week. update: haha, nope, netflix zombie.....

> now that the days are getting a longer, my list of week day running excuses is getting shorter by the day.....3 miles a week should be totally do-able. update: soooo close, if i wasn't so stubborn, i would count the 6 miles spent wandering the city the last saturday....

> i took a calligraphy class in january, and i have all sorts of pen holders, sample letters, nibs and practice sheets, its time to actually use them. fingers crossed though, this is also where my word patience comes in..... :/ and because i can't just set myself the vague goal of *practice calligraphy,* i'm going to shoot for a minimum of 15 minutes a day. you know, like after i get home from work.... update: i don't think i even touched my calligraphy stuff this month, lame.

> oh our dining room/my sewing studio....what a disaster.  i tend to be a bit of a fabric hoarder, to put it politely. i need to decide on a minimum scrap size to keep, get rid of the rest, purge fabric in general, and organize my other bits and baubles. then, while i'm in there, i should hem my jeans.... update: not a whole lot on the fabric front, but things did get tidied, and my jeans did get hemmed.

what are your goals for this month? leave a comment!

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