thanks for the warm welcome home, boston!

i had originally written this post on 2/17, but in my haze, had forgotten to actually publish it. be forewarned though, it's full of #firstworldproblems.

last saturday ended in puerto vallarta, with a sunset view of the ocean, and a drink in my hand......

lots of food and fun followed.....

these popped up on my phone every other day, and i laughed.....

8 nights and a mexican snow day* later, it was time to head home. 

we touched down at 12:03 monday morning.  the snow didn't look too bad, until we realized everything in our driveway was frozen solid. iced formed around tires, frozen solid. it took over an hour, 2 people pushing, some steel shovel ice chipping, tire squealing and lots of rocking to get greg's truck out. and only one neighbor stuck his head out for a peek. thank goodness his sister's car came out a little easier.

so now its 2:30am and time for bed. except, i'm wound up from all of the adventures in the driveway. i'm fliping and floping in bed, then all of a sudden I. AM. TOTALLY. FREAKED. OUT. PANICKING. AND. CONFUSED. i haven't heard my alarm for over a week. hello 6am. ugh again.

i'm up and getting ready, no problamo. i left my truck at work for the week we were gone, so greg was gonna drop me off on his way in. good plan.

except, his truck was stuck. again. our driveway is narrow. our house, 2 feet, the truck, 2 feet, and the neighbors fence narrow. then a pretty flower box right at the edge of the yard to contend with. not the easiest to get a rear-wheel drive pickup truck out of. especially when the snow melts off of the roof and it refreezes around your tires, again. so more pushing, and rocking, and 2 doormats for traction later, we're off.

i'm exited my truck is still where i parked it and it hasn't been plowed under. or relocated by the silly tow truck guys. after driving around the city all day, its time to free the jeepy. i chip off  the frozen snow/ice, chunk by chunk, like little icebergs. they come off pretty easily, and i narrowly miss almost ripping my wiper off in the process. it starts right up {whoohoo!}, i put the jeepy in 4L and crawl out of the parking lot, next stop grocery store.

i pick up the few necessities to get us through the rest of the week, and by now i am beyond exhausted. sleep deprived doesn't even describe it. i'm just running on caffeine, adrenaline, and prayers. i've only had some popcorn for lunch, and i'm starting to see funny things on my drive home.

the grocery store was out of rock salt, 3 hardware stores later, and i still didn't have any.  so i get home, and pull out the steel garden shovel, put on my boots, and head out to the driveway.  i can see the giant chunks of ice that greg was getting stuck on, and opt for walking across the wet part of the driveway. except it's not dark because its wet, it's black ice. and i'm flat on my back. efffff. at least i didn't land on the shovel or hit my head. but my ass and back sure do hurt.

i chip away for a little while, but can't really tell what progress i've made on the ice-filled mini-sinkholes that make up our driveway. so, a beer and a BLT later, i'm going to bed.

*we ended up with an extra day when a snow storm canceled our flight from chicago to boston late saturday morning, and our flight was rescheduled for the next day :)

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