the world's largest garage sale

the saddest weekend of the year{closing up the summer house & taking the boat/dock out :( } contains one of the most entertaining days as well: the world's LARGEST garage sale. not to be confused with the world's LONGEST garage sale, thats just plain ol' overwhelming.

it, my friends, is an allll day adventure. you can find any sort of crazy thing your heart desires. and plenty of things to tug at your nostalgic heart-strings. and sooo many VHS tapes and beanie babies!
 in order to give us some structure to our wandering, we came up with a scavenger hunt list:
  • an item of clothing with a kitten on it
  • something electronic that is very outdated
  • something never opened
  • something you played with as a child
  • a frog made of metal {the flower arranging kind}
  • an item proclaiming someone is #1
  • an album or 8track
  • a souvenir from somewhere you would never get a souvenir from
  • a character glass from a fast food restaurant
  • a stuffed/formerly alive animal
  • a brooch
  • something you cant identify

we thought a kitten dream catcher was way cooler than a kitten tshirt//i feel owl and fish frogs are ironic//pennants and gilded plates from nowheres-ville//drinking glasses with EVERY character imaginable//so many stuffed animals {of both varieties}//figured out the rolling pin contraption is for making ravioli//i always end up with things on my head//parmesan tater-tots, pulled pork and coleslaw, yummmmmm!

we were so overwhelmed by alllll of the treasures that we didn't track our scavenger hunt finds very well. and being without my phone/camera, greg only captured a fraction of the awesomeness there. but i can guaran-effin-tee that there were all of those things and then some.

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