hello november!

once again, this month we have a few repeats. last month i fell short {again}.  kinda. well to make excuses rationalize it, i did establish some routines and became more consistent, but still pushin hard in the last week. oh well, i'm getting more done than ever before, and feeling pretty good too. win.  UPDATE: overall this month kicked my ass. i spent way too much time on the couch. being cranky and lazy. ugh.

>i've become so much more consistant with my running. i've switched to a tues/thurs/sat/sun routine, and moved my weekday runs to after work. and that seems to be working pretty well for me.  this month the interval has been pushed up to 1:30 run/:30 walk. its not cold/nasty/snowy out yet, so no whining about the weather. UPDATE: and i finished with.....9.4 miles, bleh. i didn't run any weekdays and took thanksgiving weekend off. i can't handle running in the dark AND cold after work. i'll have to figure something else out....

>ugh, this one has been kicking my butt for the past few months. i always come sooo close.  scheduling my runs for tues/thurs has worked pretty well, so now i think i'm gonna schedule my walks for mon/wed/fri.  once again, its not cold/nasty/snowy out yet, so no whining about the weather. UPDATE: excuses, excuses, excuses, i don't think i walked to work once. lame

> i'm still sticking with the goal of posting 3x per week, but now i want/need to start some networking.  in my wanderings of the interweb, i've come across gussy and her how to network via email really struck a chord with me. i'm sooooo introverted {which doesn't bother me}, but i need to get myself/blog/ideas out to others and actually interact. talk to people, ugh ;)  UPDATE: well i didn't end up sending out any emails, but i have been leaving comments, posting links on fb, and tweetering a whole lot. putting this lil bloggy out there

>i haven't actually designed a fun party dress in quite a while.  i've made some elaborate costuming/corset/garb stuff for my mom and her husband, but it's been quite some time {2010-ish} since i've made something fun to wear for myself. and there's a big Long Island-wedding-extravaganza coming up..... UPDATE: well this one did get done, otherwise i was going to the party nakid. after 3 different design changes and finishing it by hand the day before, it turned out pretty well.

ps, what are your goals this month?

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