the blahs

so i got up early this morning, the first time in weeks. i've been sleeping in and dragging my butt out of bed juuuusssst in time to make greg breakfast. and i mean draggin.

i've been such a lazy blob lately. i haven't been feeling sad, but tired and blah.  i had to bribe myself out of bed with peanut butter m&m's this morning. yikes!

i haven't painted my nails in two weeks, i haven't gone for a mid week run in two weeks, i haven't written a blog post in almost two weeks, i'm falling behind in cleaning the house, i haven't even thought about or checked in on this months goals

ugh, i thought having more sunshine in the am would help, but apparently not. either, ither, or, i just need to pull it together!

so ready, set, reboot! see you friday!

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