a bike riding revolution!

i'm such a sissy when it comes to riding my bike.  i live in a super bike-able city, and i still drive my poor old jeepy around way too much. i blame having a fancy-pants customer service-oriented job for driving the 1 1/2 miles to work {lame excuses}. but with the FlyKly Smart Wheel and the Hövding Airbag for Cyclists, no one will have excuses for much longer.

ummmmm how effin awesome is that? no more sweaty-tired-grossness when you get to your destination. also, i think this may be the real-life Copenhagen Wheel from Weeds. {whoops, i guess it was a real thing before Weeds, apparently i didn't take it seriously.}

aaannnnddd no terrible helmet hair?!?! no looking like a goober? better protection? i'm in love. if i didn't have so many stupid student loans, i would totally get in on both of these.

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