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super intrigued by maggie's no tv coment

this girl is a rationalizing pro

i want to live in the country of animal pals

the hard stuff does matter most

i am sooo on board with the minima

it's gonna be cozy blankie time soon

yeas, goals are great

i've been on both sides, and performance reviews are the worst

seriously, start at the begining

have you stumbled upon anything fun lately?


hello september 2014

even though its 90* and 80% humidity in boston right now, can feel that cozy fall nesting instinct looming. so it's time to get cleaning and organizing kicked back into high gear. you can check last month's goals here, and this month:

> one got super dirty *camping* up at the lake, and the other some how ended up back on our bed. yeah, in the sweaty summer. without the duvet cover. gross. so it's time to haul them up the giant hill to the laundromat.

> out of all of the weddings this year, i'm in one of them, yay!  the lovely brides sent out a few example links from a super reasonably priced website, and only stipulated that the dress be a certain color and fabric. but otherwise, sleeves, straps, and lengths were our choice. time to order before i start stressing.

> with this super busy summer, we never did make it to the woods. so my excuse of not dealing with the camping stuff until we're done with it this season is no longer valid. even if i had dealt with it early on, it wouldn't have affected our using it anyways. but i can't handle seeing it jammed in the corner of the kitchen any longer. time to get it down to the creepy basement.

>  with 2 long distance, full weekend weddings this month, just maintaining last months mileage will be a challenge. i'm also having to contend with the sun rising later, it still being hot and humid after work, and the sun setting earlier....#runninginthedarkiscreepy


hey there dapper dudes {and dudettes!}

just poppin in to give you an update on the shop! our lastest collection, grey gardens, is ready to ship! yay!

order a set of 'squares here

and grab a bow tie to match

friday {9/5} is the last day to use the code geekischic for free US shipping, so get it on it!

oh, i'm also giving away a pre-tied preppy plaid bow tie! head over to maggie whitley designs to enter! hurry though, it ends tomorrow!
oh boy, so many exclamation points, lol! super duper excited!!! yay!!!


my view: august 2014

before my sandals turned into a muddy mess at woodchuck's ciderbration // my *office* // the bffffffff is married! // prettiest stack of egg cartons #nojudgie // breakfast of champions at the lake // the grey garden collection is now in the shop // these neighbor's houses face each other, this is the view from the driveway in between, yikes!


how to get the stink out of your work out clothes

oh summer running......i love getting up at the crack of dawn with the sun, enjoying the cool(ish) breeze off the river, and getting one thing checked off my to do list before matter what though, still i end up a hot and sticky and sweaty mess, ugh. i guess its better than heatstroke later in the day.

with all of this sweat, things get stinky. even {especially} the fancy sweat wicking work out clothes. the smell tends to linger, even after they've been washed. but no fret my friends, i've got an easy, eco and wallet friendly way to get rid of it. and I promise you won't smell like pickles at the end. say what?!?!

oh yes, the wildly underrated, plain ole white vinegar. seriously. i promised, no pickle smell. just pour a 1/2 cup into the wash with your detergent. then another 1/2 cup into the softener dispenser for the rinse cycle. done!
i keep a plastic 1C measuring cup with my giant jug down in my creepy basement, and measure everything out as i go along. when you take your clothes out of the washer it will smell a little vinegary, but once they're dry you won't smell a thing. oh, and for the things you cant throw in the wash, The Creek Line House has a great solution.


doing: august 2014

struggling with my one little word 
eating rice cakes in bed
wearing my space coyote dress often
learning the secrets to yummy nondairy frosting 

reworking the office/guest room

getting better at French braiding my hair vs my default Dutch braid

catching up with old friends like a day hasn't passed

kicking ass on this months mileage {and bike riding}
pinterest failing

putting deposits down for our wedding venue {wooooo!}

making more custom bow ties {have you ordered yours yet?}