hello january 2015

last month was a crazy, whirlwind of sewing, sewing, sewing and uh, more sewing, lots of quality time with my sewing mo-chine. so, this month is gonna be filled with lots of computer time.....

+ save the dates: it's 2015, no more excuses. last year was the year of everyone else's wedding, this year is the year of our wedding. we should probably give people an official heads up update: these are 75% done, the snowstorm last week delayed some of the supplies needed to finish, but envelopes are addressed and everything else is ready to go

+ update bloggie: big plans and big ideas last month to do this, but stitching, christmas, and crazy-busy work days dropped this one to the bottom of the list. the original plan was a little ambitious {as usual}, so i'm working on a scaled down version that should be much more do-able update: after tinkering and toying with the test blog {and still attempting to do far too much at one time}, i gave in and just updated a&n with a basic new look. i can still add the other bells and whistles later ;)
+ run 40 miles: this is another goal that was put on the back burner last month. after a long day of driving around boston in cold and yucky weather, the last thing i want to do is go back out into the cold and dark. although, this MMM post has got me inspired to get out and enjoy it update: welp, i ended up with only 59% of my goal finished. boo. mostly single digit temps and monster snowstorms are a lame excuse.

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