hello february 2014

all 4 goals for last month were accomplished, wooohooo! i like a nice strong start for the year. with this being the shortest month, and a week long vacation planned {yay for mexico in february!!} i wanted to keep this month's goals pretty simple:

> so there's this pair of skinny jeans i've owned for, oh, at least 3 years now....and they've all ways been too long. if i'm wearing flats, i just roll up the cuffs, and greg calls me a 1950's greaser.  these are also the only pair of pants that fit in my tall brown boots, and with my shapely calves, it's a tight squeeze with all of the extra length rolled under. oh, and i also *kinda* know how to sew ;)......i think its time to get it done. UPDATE: i'm lazy, i'll add this to march's list

> by the first week of the month i should have all of the paperwork i need to get my tax forms filled out....and i'll feel so much better knowing its done and over with. no dawdling. UPDATE: finished on the 27th, whoohoo!

> ugh, no sugar. efffff... this one is going to be sooo hard.  my gluten allergy cuts out 75% of the things my sweet tooth craves, but jelly beans and peanut butter m&m's are still pretty easy to come by.  i have a feeling that sugar plays a big part in my tummy troubles too, so we're going cold turkey {excluding all of the gf cupcakes at the bridal shower and the m&m's that got me through the plane ride last weekend :/ }. UPDATE: i'll call this one semi-successful. willpower was strong the first week of the month, and plenty of fresh fruit to keep me occupied while on vacation. but i may have eaten a few handfuls of stale marshmallows when we got back :/ and given in to some caramel cadbury eggs on the 28th, booo.

> SUPRISE! i never did send out any of my cards for january :( oops. i think i psyched myself out about writing them. lets try again this month. UPDATE: these were in the mail in time for valentines day <3

what are your goals for this month? leave a comment! 

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