running ahead: the best running log, ever!

in january, i gave up on my monthly off my butt goals; it was disheartening to be missing it month after month.  lately i've been getting in a run once a week {or so, ish..}, and i don't want to NOT give myself credit for it either.  instead, i'm gonna amend my new years resolution.

by adding......running 500 miles this year {yikes!}. that sounds like a whole lot right now, but really breaks down to only 9.615384615384615 miles per week.  i know some weeks are going to be shorter, but as i build my mileage back up, and as the days get warmer {and longer!!}, it'll be easier to catch up.


there's nothing i like more than a good chart to track my progress, and for a while i tried to track it on paper.  but i'm lazy it was kind of a pain in the butt. so after neglecting it for a bit, i'm going back to running ahead to track my runniinnnn.

i've tried other running sites, but they're either too flashy or not customizable {<-- is that even a word?!?!?}. this one allows my inner number-nerd to to chart what i want, how i want.  bar graphs, number scatters, whatever. and i can track the progress on custom goals.

so i've added a button on my side bar that'll bring you to my running log.  i'm going to try and update it more than once a week, but we'll see. so follow along, cheer me on, start your own, do whatever you want, just get off your butt :)

ps, how are your resolutions going? leave a comment!

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