hello december

after having my ass handed to me goal-wise last month, all of the holiday craziness, and the likelihood that ill still be a cranky, sunshine-needing blob this month, i'm gonna slow down a bit.

> i'm still not very good at this one, but i'm trying.  i need to write more. recipes and tutorials are easy for me, just writing is much harder. time to work the keyboard. update: well 9 posts worked out to be just over 2/week. that didn't make my goal, but i did write about gloves and feeling productive.

> i want to have my own handmade biz, so i feel the need to support other awesome small timers.  why bother buying from giant corporations who are only worried about their bottom line. {and that is a whole 'nother conversation....} update: over 50% of my gifts were either handmade, from a small biz, or recycled, yay!

> i already feel smothered by how messy the house has gotten while we were prepping/away for thanksgiving.  there's going to be just as much going on this month, but i might as well be productive while i'm holed up indoors.  there's nothing like feeling light and refreshed when you set big goals. update: decluttered some of the *junk* piles around the house and sorted a few boxes of stuff from when we moved in 15 months ago...

> just because it's too cold and dark to run during the week, doesn't mean i need to be so lazy. i've got plenty of cheesy workout dvds to get my blood pumpin'.  this also applies to laying around and being lazy in general.  i can write blog posts from the couch, no reason to not be productive in some way, shape, or form. update: this didn't happen, boo.

PS, what are your goals this month? share 'em in the comments!

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