i guess you could call it a personal problem....

so ive got this problem. you may have it too. it's with gloves {and sunglasses}. it involves expensive pairs.
or i should say, the lack there of.

anytime i have a nice pair, i loose them. at times i've considered stringing them together with yarn. and threading it through my jacket. like you would a 5 year old.

the other problem i have, is i work mostly outside, with a smartphone. and i'm in and out of up to 8 different cars a day. that's a lot of places to misplace your gloves.

so i had been hemming and hawing over getting a pair of touch screen friendly gloves.  afraid that my fingers would only be warm for a few days.  because it wouldn't be long before i lost one.

then i found these at target:

mind blown.

yes my friends, those are effin $3 touch screen lovin gloves.  i should prolly go get a few more. that will guarantee i'll have the original pair all winter long.

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