the did list

i like to be productive, sometimes too super duper productive {and always over estimating what can actually be reasonably accomplished}. so i make to do lists. lots and lots of to do lists.  blog to do, cleaning to do, work to do, soo many lists. add all of the extras this time of the year, and things can get kinda crazy.  holiday cookies to make, gifts to buy, gifts to wrap, shorter days, colder days, lots and lots of running around. all of that can kick your butt and give you a mean case of the blahs.

in order to reduce being overwhelmed, i like to switch from my to do list to what i call my did list. i stop tracking what needs to be done and focus more on what actually got done. i'll even break it down into baby steps. so the regular to do of cleaning the kitchen turns into: wipe the kitchen counter {check}; wipe down the stove {check}; sweep kitchen floor {check}; mop kitchen floor {check}.

one thing i've learned, the best way to stay motivated is to feel productive. more check marks on my list makes me feel better. so even if that means fibbing to myself, i don't care. as long as it keeps me moving.

ps, what keeps you going this time of the year? leave a comment!

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