hello September!

>trying to get back in to the swing of things, running-wise.
yes, an easy mileage but it gets me off my butt

>just get in the habit, slow and steady wins the race

>too many important things and too much clutter

>i live 1½ miles from work, no need to drive, quit being lazy


p.s. what are your goals this month?

>so i ended the month with 16.2 miles of running, buuut i also rode my bike to work 4/5 days of the last week so my legs were tired. and i still went running when they felt like rubber. so ha. excuses.

> check +

>nope, the external hard drive slowed me down. i'm still working on buying one.

>8 times, and i blame the heat wave in the begining of the month. but i'm not sure what my excuse is so far this month.....

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