New Girl, season 3 premiere!!!

Hey girl, whatcha doin’? Hey girl, where you goin’? Who’s that girl? Who’s that girl? omg its Zooey Deschanel!!!!
have you heard her voice?
saving the day in Elf:
playing the crazy in Weeds(another fav of mine):
oh and her hair?!?!? love!!
lately i've been watching the first season on a loop, over and over again. while working on stuff. kinda. anyways, netflix tells me it has 49 episodes(lies). scrolling though shows only the first seaons 24 are available and the other 25 didn't come out until season 3 premiered. lame. i tried to catch up with the tivo, but i watched out of order, inadvertently spoiling the/my most anticipated part: things between nick and jess. ugh. i was hoping it would happen, maybe not so quickly though. oh well.

anyways, you can bet your sweet buns i'm gonna be binge watching season 2 for the rest of the week. oh yeah, did i mention she is allergic to gluten and dairy too? and plays the ukulele? greg is so lucky i met him first, because i would totally marry this girl.

p.s. what show(s) do you loop while you work?

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