it's sangria time!

because i don't see any snow in my backyard yet...summer may be (un)officially over, but doesn't mean we have to stop drinking iced fruity beverages on the patio. one of my fav, easy, go-to, day-drinking options:

you can google your day away looking for sangria recipes, but i usually just whip this together with whatever i happen to have on hand. aka too lazy to leave the house for supplies. i figure you can't really go wrong mixing a bunch of stuff you already have and like....well, its pretty safe booze-wise, proceed with caution anywhere else!

like all of my *recipes,* this is really more of a guideline.
i eyeball things and just make it up as i go.

step 1: gather your supplies

  • some sort of vessel to contain the deliciousness
  • fruit: fresh or frozen, berries, watermelon, peaches, etc.
  • juice: apple, peach, raspberry, grape, etc.
  • wine: all white, all red, or a mix of the two
  • ice: but frozen berries won't dilute your drink :)
  • flavored vodka(if you desire)
i happened to have some fresh and frozen berries, cran-raspberry juice, pinot noir and moscato. i used the pinot noir so it wasn't super duper sweet and made turned the whole thing red. you could do a white version with peaches/grape/apples/honeydew, white grape juice, and moscato and/or white zinfandel.

step 2: mix your supplies

chop up your fruit into bite sized chunks (this will come in handy later), and you want to add your ice now to avoid any splashing issues. i used frozen berries, so no need for extra ice. i usually do 2/3 wine to 1/3 juice, but it depends on how potent you like it. feel free to taste-test as needed. add a few shots of vodka if you're feeling frisky.

step 3: drink your supplies!

and once all of the liquid has been consumed.....move on to the fruit! caution though, it can kick your butt.

p.s. what is your go-to patio drink?

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