Ohhhhh...back to school

back to school
to prove to dad that i'm not a fool
i've got my lunch packed up
my boots tied tight
i hope i dont get in a fight
back to school
back to school
back to school.....
[Billy Maddison]

well its been quite a while since i've gone back to school, and i miss it. strange. i know. either way, i still get excited this time of the year. for so many its full of new starts, new friends and new school supplies. although i have no need for any new binders, notebooks, fancy pens and scented markers, i can't help but scoop them up and want to take them all home. but in the end, i have to limit my addiction myself and abandon most at the register.

even though i don't see any back to school-ing in my future, that won't stop me from living vicariously through others, albeit fictional. so without further ado, here are my top 10 fav back-to-school movies, in no particular order:

warning! some of these are old, some of these are classics,
some of these are terrible, no judgie

Billy Madison- you tug at my heart strings
easy A- the Scarlet Letter lives on
Dazed and Confused- there will always be stoners
The Breakfast Club- teen angst much?
Kindergarten Cop- just because you're a tough guy...
Animal House- frats, yikes!
File:Grease ver2.jpg
Grease- just the original, the sequel is terrible
Ferris Bueller's Day Off- even grown ups play hooky
Never Been Kissed-i wouldn't do a do-over
Teen Wolf- yay! for the underdog(pun totally intended)
now go grab some popcorn and thank your lucky stars you survived school!!
p.s. what's your favorite back to school movie?

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