september goals-mid month update

so far my goals this month are slightly behind, but i still have some time to catch up:

>i've put in 6.8 miles, meaning i have another 13.2 to cover in 15 days. .88 miles a day. it'll be a challenge, but i've been more consistent about getting off my butt, which is the real challenge.

>so far, so good with the 2 blogs per week. just trying to keep it simple to start. nothing ground breaking, but i've done quite a bit of actual writing. no rants, nonsense posts or all photo posts. yet. i've got lots of ideas and pictures lined up, so i shouldn't peter out any time soon.

>i've gotten rid of some terrible photos/outtakes and old documents, and have done a little research into the best way to back up. i'm not sure if its better to go on a deleting rampage before or after i back up. eh, we'll see.

>so i put off publishing this post so i could get in another walk to work, but then that didn't happen. not to make up a bunch of excuses, but here they come it has either been 85*+ or pouring rain the last two i now have a grand total of 2. yikes! i plan on walking my butt off the rest of the month. i do have a bike, and i would totally count that too, but i'm still too afraid of helmet hair being run over to ride it on the mean streets of Boston.

p.s. how are your september goals coming along?

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