b&g proposal, part 2

check out part 1 here

so the rest of the day goes on, business as usual. greg's cool-as-a-cucumber, not being nervous, not being overly affectionate, not tipping his hand in any way, shape or form. just the usual goofy greggie. once again, i haven't the slightest clue that he's up to anything.

later that evening, everyone is hanging out around the bonfire and i'm giving his cousin a hard time. i'm razzin him because he's been dating this super awesome girl(that everyone LOVES) for 5 years. and they're still just dating. ugh matt, pull it together and pop the question. i think they're such a good match and i'm getting frustrated that he hasn't proposed yet. all the while i don't know what their plans in general are or if they've talked about it or if they don't even want to get married, blah blah blah, she's awesome, hurry up and ask!

so i'm getting close to being obnoxious and greg says he wants to go for a walk. not unusual, sometimes he gets all lovey dovey and romantic, sometimes he saves me from making an ass of myself. so we walk down to the other campsite, down by the gorgeous moon-lit lake and he starts taking about how much he loves me and wants to be with me. all sentimental and mushy. i don't know if i'm still distracted about harassing matt or if i'm just being totally oblivious.

either way, greg pulls a box out of his pocket. and i just stare at it. like a deer in headlights. staring. he says something else mushy and lovey and i say: 'no way.' a shock and disbelief kind of 'no way.' and i may have started to back up. and kept saying no way. i'm pretty sure somewhere in there he did ask if i would marry him. but i kept saying no way. finally he gently reminds me that i really haven't said yes, technically all i've said is no.
thankfully no *action* shots of the happy dance

so i hurry up and say 'yes, yes, yes' and he shows me the ring. and he puts it on my finger :) then i start to jump around and do my awkwardly flailing happy dance. you know, the one where i punch the air up, down and around while simultaneously kicking and jumping up and down, that one. and yelling 'i get to be a nif, i get to be a nif, i get to be a nif.' so i pull myself together and give greg a big hug and a giant kiss, and then realize one of the cousins has been in his nearby tent, reading a book. so i run over and shove my left hand in his face. and he says congrats and gives me a hug.
a reenactment for everyone

so then we head back over to the other campsite/bonfire and i stand in front of everyone and just start doing my happy dance. no words, just flailing. then i run around and put my left hand in everyone's face. then i snap a picture and send the photo to both his and my parents. who, on a separate note, happen to be meeting each other for the first time ever, unsupervised.
photo we sent to the parents, some caught on faster than others ;)

and now he keeps calling me his beyonce. i'm not sure if its because he *liked it and put a ring on it,* or if he thinks it sounds just as funny as fiancee. either way, i think i'll keep him.

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