how to have a romantic picnic dinner in the city....

step 1 have a terribly long and annoying week. hello monday:

step 2 decide tofu is something neither one of you want deal with on a friday night.

step 3 mix a{n accidentally super strong} "to go drink."

step 4 walk up a giant hill to your favorite carryout place, aka one that hasn't made you sick and isn't chipotle {yes, i could eat burritos for the rest of my life}.

step 5 head to the liquor store next door, grab a couple of beverages and forget to snag two extra paper bags.

step 6 wander over to the neighborhood "commons," which in your opinion has far too much concrete to be seriously considered a park.

step 7 find a spot to sit in the park, which also happens to be across from the courthouse.

step 8 wrap his tallboy {hehe} in said extra paper bag, then pour yours into your now empty sippy cup {wow, where'd my drink go? i must've been pretty thirsty....}.

step 9 open up all of the containers and chow down. start off trying to be lady-like, then realize most of your options are basically finger food {or have handles!} and forgo using real utensils.

step 10 give your fiancé sad puppy eyes when he starts to use pita bread to scoop with {hello cross-contamination....and jealousy}.

step 11 laugh at your fiancé when he admits that 3 yrs ago {to the week} he was on vacation and freaking out to his girl BFF about this new cute girl he met.

step 12 kiss, canoodle, giggle and be obnoxiously romantic and cute.

step 13 stand up to leave, and realize how much youve had to drink, oops.

step 14 then insist that ice cream will make you less wobbly for the walk home. down the giant hill.

the end.

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