hello august 2014

holy sh*t it's august already. yikes! where did july {and the summer} go? i took some time to slow down and relax last month, and have some fun without thinking about what i should/could be doing. boy do some of my goals show that {whoops}, but i feel a million times better. so without further ado....

> this is a leftover from last month, boo.  i've been wandering the fabric stores and not finding any inspiration {lame excuse, i know}. but these aren't things i can force production on, if i do, i'll never be satisfied with the end product. update: still no, but now that the fabric stores are full of fall and winter selections i'm much more inspired. it's hard to get mideval-heavy when all you can find is neon chiffon. true story.

> well last month i covered my 25 miles in 13 runs, which breaks down to 1.92 miles per run and 2.6 runs per week. so with 4 weeks in august, i need to run 7.5 miles a week to be successful. now that the 1st week is almost over and i'll be 4 miles behind by sunday.....longer runs are gonna be my friend once again! update: yayayyyy! done, done and done!

> hahaha, oh boy. this one has been on my unoffical to-do list for a while now. greg finished his list months ago, and his gentle nudges to do my own have started to become a lil more forceful, lol. so its time to just get it out there, it doesn't have to be a final list, but i do need to get some names on paper. update: besides the rest of this list and other daily things that needed to be done in august, this is alllll i heard from greg this month. so to be a brat, i did it on september 3rd. then i made him rework his list of first names into my super-duper spreadsheet extraordinaire! muahhhahahaa

> it's not easy, nor convenient, but riding my bike is good for my wallet and body and jeepy. update: jeepy is still out of commission, so this was easy to maintain.

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