hello july 2014

june was the last quiet month for a while {heaven help hermit me}, with the annual 4th of july lake house extravaganza, weddingpalosa 2014 kicking off at the end of the month {aka 6 long distance weddings in 2 months, aka, that's why we opted for a 2015 wedding}, and lots of other things to get done in between, i'm gonna keep this months list pretty simple:

> soo have you checked out my etsy shop yet?!?!? right now it's looking pretty sparse {boo}, but after a recent trip to the fabric store, i've got lots of fun fabrics to work with. check this post out for more details and a special coupon {woohooo!} update: well i did get some new stuff stitched, photos of it all, a few things actually listed in the shop, and more of the preppy collection ready to go!

> we're not gonna talk about how i'm having issues with the jeepy and am stubbornly ignoring it. once again, we're gonna focus on how i only live 1.5 miles from work and i shouldn't be driving anyways.  it takes me just as long to ride my bike as it does to drive, and i get equally as sweaty walking home in the afternoon, so i might as well speed up the process. update: the jeepy's going in next week, and i've enjoyed riding my bike around town this month.

> every couple of years my mom and her hubby request a new set of renaissance faire garb, made by yours truly. this seems simple enough, and after making 3 sets you'd think i'd be more realistic with the timeline. so in all reality, i'll be super pumped if this is the only thing that actually gets done this month. update: ummm, nope, not yet, sorry :(

> i finished june with 21.3 miles, and with how busy this month is, 25 miles is gonna be super hard to do if i skip runs when i'm outta town.  so i guess i'd better pack my runnin gear {and not stay up too late drinking :/ } update: i started working on longer runs, which meant fewer runs, but i still ran around the same {small} block until i hit the last tenth of a mile i needed to finish, yay!

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