hello june 2014

oh it never fails, the longer days and perky sunshine get me super motivated, but then reality kicks in and i've bitten off way more than i can chew. last month was semi-disappointing, boo. my brain was working way faster than my poor body could keep up. so this month there's gonna be a few do-overs:
> the first two weeks of last month i spent a half day at the library and wrote my posts for the upcoming week. it felt awesome, super-duper awesome, to have it all wrapped up and taken care of. then greg was out of town, and i figured with the house being quiet, i'd be able to just get it done at home. haha, nope. sh*t got haphazard. in the back of my head i was super stressed, and i couldn't focus and so i sat, like a lump, on the couch instead. update: so you can totally tell when this didn't happen and i went for 2 whole weeks of no posts, whoops. it did work well when actually implemented though... :/

> if we go waaayyy back to last summer, this was a pretty popular goal for me. but running in the AM and walking to work multiple times in a week was just too much. so 1.5 times a week should be do-able. update: we ended the month with 7 bike rides, woohooo!

> re-do from last month, see couch-blob above. update: i went on a bit of a caffeine fueled cleaning binge, and donated a ton of clothes and other stuff. mission accomplished.

> week 5 day 1 and its running for 5 minutes at a time kinda kicked my butt, w5d2's running for 8 minutes at a time, knocked me flat on my ass....then i just laughed at w5d3's run for 20 minutes straight. ha, no way. so i've gone back to the 8 minute segments and by the end of this week i should be able to *comfortably* {aka still be able to breath and not want to die} finish those and continue on as regularly scheduled. {fingers crossed} either way, you can follow along here. update: meh. i'm back to running 5 minutes at a time, and i've paid attention enough to realize it's my legs pooping out before my lungs. so i've added in a weekly hill run, and riding my bike to work should help make 'em stronger too.

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