hello may 2014

ugh, i don't even want to talk about march's goals {i did update them though} and let's pretend april never happened, mmmmmk? so without further ado, here's how may looks:

> this month {and it should be every month too} i want to have all of my posts pre-written for the week ahead. i feel so much better when they automatically post at 5am.  if i end up working on them that day, i put it off and get myself stuck in an awful mental tug of war. technically i'm already way behind with this post, but that's ok. you've gotta start somewhere, right? update: the first two weeks worked out beautifully, then kaboom! trying to write from my couch wasn't very successful, so back to scheduled library time

> i tote my work computer to and from work every day, {and far too many other places too :/} without any protection {yikes!!}. so in keeping with my new years resolution, i'm gonna make it a safe and snug case. update: too busy pattern testing and stitching other things ;)

> i've been kickin ass with sorting through my winter clothes and donating a ton of them {a girl really should limit the number of sweatpants she owns} but i still have quite a few boxes with random books and papers {and who knows what else} in them. so it's time to sort it all out and send at least 2 boxes to the curb. update: the official box count remains the same, but as i switched out my winter/summer clothes, i sent another 2 bags packin

> i've been systematically chipping away at my my debt using the snowball method, and now it's time for the final karate chop on my smallest student loan.  it would be tough {but do-able} if it were any of the other 10 months with only 2 paychecks, but this is one of the magical 3 bi-weekly paycheck months, so no excuses! update: success!! although i was super disappointed to log into my shared student loan/credit card account and to see no trace of my loan :( all i wanted was to see a $0 balance. oh well.

> we've been keeping some of our nearest and dearest looking pretty dapper lately, so in june, keep your eyes peeled for your chance to look like a stud ;) update: coming very, very soon!!!!!

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