love, love, love: iphone cases

i'm not a particularly clumsy person, but there is a reason i'm picky about my phone cases:

that case is only supposed to come apart in 2 pieces, and not have a chunk missing near the power button  :/ if used cutesie 1 piece, snap on cases, i would be a few new screen replacements in.  there's a fine line between protection and super-duper-protector case, but either way, its so much cheaper and easier to replace a broken case.  so now that i've destroyed my 2month old case, its time to find a new one...

 two piece sliders:
1. i am totally in love with wooden cases
2. a blue-ish purple version of the shimmery pink one i have
3. this Isaac Mizrahi makes me swoon

1 piece flexible:
4. i've been on a watercolor flower kick lately
5. soft and stuble
6. bold and bright

i ended up ordering a shimmery gold one, like #2. ps, don't make fun of my iphone 4s, it was half the price of a new 5s ;) but it is getting harder to find cases {booo}

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