nope, its not quinoa or oats for breakfast....

after even more trial and error, i've discovered my tummy doesn't like oats {even gf ones} and quinoa is pretty blah {ugh}. so i dug though my magical cupboard of random weird foods, and i figured i'd give millet a go. which turned out to be an excellent decision {yay me!} i have stumbled upon my new fave gluten-free, dairy-free, quick and easy breakfast.

just boil 2C of water in a medium sauce pan, add 1C millet, and simmer for 15-20 minutes. fluff with a fork, and you've got yourself four servings, super easy. i whip up a batch weekly and store it in the fridge, that way its ready to go in the am, no fuss.

you can dress it up just like oatmeal, whatever tickles your fancy. no shame in the tradtional brown sugar or cinnamon apple.  i'm a huge fan of blueberries, walnuts and brown sugar, or if i'm feeling froggy, i'll do peanut butter, jelly and bananas. if i'm feeling extra froggy, i'll add a scoop of Trader (Joe)Darwin's vanilla soy protein powder. i always add some rice milk to make it creamy.

greg, on the other hand prefers savory over sweet. so he gets spinach, chopped turkey sausage, sriracha, a fried egg, salt, pepper, and some cheese {lucky jerk}.

you can usually find millet with the hippy{health} food, gluten-free baking stuff, or somewhere in the rice/quinoa/grain aisle. it's a great alternative to oats, way more hearty than quinoa, and pretty inexpensive too.

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