hello {& goodbye} october 2014

time flies when you're...everywhere but home :/ so let's do a quick recap of all the fun had in october, shall we?

> run 40 miles: phew! the last 7 miles in the last 3 days.

> switch winter/summer clothes: all of the winter out and summer packed away. still wearing shorts and a few dresses, but with next week's forecast, i'm going to haul it all to the basement today.

> register to vote & research the options: registered (i've only lived her for 4 years, oops) and still narrowing down my choices.

watching hocus pocus over and over

using agave nectar instead of splenda

counting down to our wedding day! {11 months to go}

asking myself these 7 questions as i pack the summer clothes away

being force-fed fresh veggies from our CSA {so yummy}

this is how i'm feeling today, tgif.

marathon spectating is more fun when you have a runner to keep track of:

ring-pop and harry potter bribery on the latest plane ride:

too many bowl-meals in a row + not enough dishes done = multiple meals eaten out of the measuring cup:

getting pretty skilled at self-done party 'dos:

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