hello september 2014

even though its 90* and 80% humidity in boston right now, can feel that cozy fall nesting instinct looming. so it's time to get cleaning and organizing kicked back into high gear. you can check last month's goals here, and this month:

> one got super dirty *camping* up at the lake, and the other some how ended up back on our bed. yeah, in the sweaty summer. without the duvet cover. gross. so it's time to haul them up the giant hill to the laundromat. update: there's nothing like people staying the night and wanting something to cover up with, done!

> out of all of the weddings this year, i'm in one of them, yay!  the lovely brides sent out a few example links from a super reasonably priced website, and only stipulated that the dress be a certain color and fabric. but otherwise, sleeves, straps, and lengths were our choice. time to order before i start stressing. updater: after so much back and forth about the 4 size difference between my top and bottom, i sucked it up and ordered on the 29th.

> with this super busy summer, we never did make it to the woods. so my excuse of not dealing with the camping stuff until we're done with it this season is no longer valid. even if i had dealt with it early on, it wouldn't have affected our using it anyways. but i can't handle seeing it jammed in the corner of the kitchen any longer. time to get it down to the creepy basement. update: nope, still occupying a corner of the kitchen.

>  with 2 long distance, full weekend weddings this month, just maintaining last months mileage will be a challenge. i'm also having to contend with the sun rising later, it still being hot and humid after work, and the sun setting earlier....#runninginthedarkisscary update: done!

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